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Types of Daycare Programs

Determining what type of daycare program to start is an important decision. To figure out if there is a demand for a daycare program in your area its necessary to know what types of child care programs people are looking for.

Parents usually choose one of three types of child care facilities, these types are home daycare, family care, or a day-care center.

While starting out it’s recommended you start with a home daycare or family care to cut start-up costs. There are many types of child care programs available to parents in most populated areas. A specialty program may be advisable if you determine a specific need is not being met in your community.

Home Daycare – As an in-home provider you act as a nanny or babysitter to supervise children in your own, or the child’s home.

Before School Child Care and After School Child Care – Focusing on the needs of working parents, the before and after school care programs are helpful for providing a safe, nurturing environment for children.

Family Care – Taking care of newborns or toddlers in the home of the mother is the primary role of family care.

Child Care Group Development – This type of service is targeted to up to five children inside a private residence. The group will consist of no more than two infants per group.

Now it’s time to do a little searching to find the needs in your area.

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