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Child Care Safety in Daycare Checklist

Child care safety and health within your daycare center should be a top priority. You must be completely confident that the areas within your center are safe at all times at both indoor and outdoor play areas. A good way to inspect your child care area is to get down on your hands and knees […]

Child Care Cost and Fees

The cost to start a child care business will depend primarily on the type you choose. The type of child care center will determine what equipment, supplies, and materials you’ll need. If you have children of your own you may already have much of the equipment you need. Items like cribs, beds, rockers, toys, and […]

Create a Daycare Plan

Creating a daycare business plan can help map out your goals and make it easier to determine what you really want to achieve. It’s easy to overlook this crucial part in the development of your business. However, it is a major key to your future success of your day care. The plan will help you […]