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Child Care Activities

The child care activities you choose to provide in your daycare center will depend primarily on the age of the children in your care. To a lesser extend the activities you offer will also hinge on their interests, experiences, gender, and any special needs they may have. A good way to ensure children are engaged […]

Structure Your Daycare

Structuring your daycare so it runs smoothly is another aspect you’ll want to work out before you start your child care business. You will want the children in your care to play together happily with as little disruption as possible. The way you structure your child care service will basically determine your day-to-day life and […]

Child Care Insurance for Daycare

It’s important that you provide child care insurance for your daycare service to protect it from liability. Child care liability insurance protects your business from accidents that can occur with a child on your premises or under your care. Children under your care are your responsibility even if your take them on a field trip, […]

Child Care Regulations

To provide child care services within the U.S you will need to meet state child care regulations to receive a license. Child care licensing is a requirement to ensure your center meets certain specifications and standard of care. The license is how your city, county, state, and federal government regulates standards and these requirements vary […]

Open a Daycare – Setup Child Care Center

When you open a daycare center your primary goal  is to provide a safe secure area for children during their stay. You will need to do a thorough examination of the areas you will have open to children in your care. If your center is from inside your home than you want to make sure […]

Child Care Legal Structure

You will want to carefully consider the child care legal structure you choose for your business. Will your new company be a sole proprietorship, incorporation, or partnership. There are many advantages and disadvantages to each legal structure. The most common method for child care centers is to operate as sole proprietors. Setting up a sole […]

Daycare Names – Naming Your Child Care Business

Setting out to chose a daycare name for your business is an important task. While naming your child care business you should look for one that provides a sense of security, while also being upbeat and fun. The name you select will be your brand so it’s important that you choose a name you will […]

Child Care Cost and Fees

The cost to start a child care business will depend primarily on the type you choose. The type of child care center will determine what equipment, supplies, and materials you’ll need. If you have children of your own you may already have much of the equipment you need. Items like cribs, beds, rockers, toys, and […]

Create a Daycare Plan

Creating a daycare business plan can help map out your goals and make it easier to determine what you really want to achieve. It’s easy to overlook this crucial part in the development of your business. However, it is a major key to your future success of your day care. The plan will help you […]

How to Determine Local Child Care Needs

Before you select a type of daycare business to start you should determine the child care needs in your local area. If you have school aged children, talk to other parents to determine if  their care needs are being met. You may have already know of people who need child care services. Networking with other […]