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Structure Your Daycare

Structuring your daycare so it runs smoothly is another aspect you’ll want to work out before you start your child care business. You will want the children in your care to play together happily with as little disruption as possible. The way you structure your child care service will basically determine your day-to-day life and happiness of you and the children in your care.

Creating a policy where you explain the normal routine is good to help the children create useful habits and routines. Actions like having the children hang up their coats when they come in, taking off their shoes and put them in their cubby when they come inside, or washing their plates off when they are done using them creates great habits. These habits not only make things easier for you they also help build self esteem and independence.

Setting up things so that children can reach what they need when they need them can help make things easier. Items like cups, extra clothing, toys, crayons can help free up your time. You should encourage older children to help teach younger children how to do things as well. Activities and tasks like tying shoes, buttoning up jackets, working with crafts can be taught to smaller children by the older ones giving them a sense of responsibility and pride.

You can allow the children in your care to make suggestions about how they can participate in ways to make learning and activities fun while they are in your care. By providing structured activities for children you can avoid boredom and potential disruptive behavior before it starts.

To make sure your daycare structure works to your benefit:

  • Create an assortment of fun, age appropriate activities
  • Purchase a variety of age appropriate toys
  • Have outdoor activities
  • Help encourage kids to clean up after themselves, put things away put away toys after use
  • Prepare easy meals that do not take a lot of time
  • Look for fun field trips in your area
  • Know your exact hours of operation
  • Have the pick-up and drop-off times firmly noted in your daycare policy
  • Assign child pick-up authorization
  • Know how you handle illneses
  • Implement educational games, stories, and activities
  • Plan effective daily sequences and routines
  • Set nap time, snack time, lunch time etc.
  • Inform parents of your child care structure and daycare schedule
  • Have a bulletin board or calendar posted so you can be aware of the day’s activities
  • Let parents know what you and the kids are doing (parents love it will you keep them informed)

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