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Open a Daycare – Setup Child Care Center

When you open a daycare center your primary goal  is to provide a safe secure area for children during their stay. You will need to do a thorough examination of the areas you will have open to children in your care. If your center is from inside your home than you want to make sure it is clean and comfortable for visitors.

Top safety steps to ensure your home is safe:

  • Put all breakable items out of reach
  • Remove any plants that may be ingested by young children
  • Block off stairs with strong saefy gates
  • Install gate latches that meet local codes
  • Stow medicine and chemicals in a secure location
  • Install safety plugs on all outlets
  • Remove all items that you do not want handled by children
  • Store toys on shelves to avoid injury from toy box lids
  • Make sure toys do not have loose parts
  • Make sure cribs and other child items meet current safety standards

Contact the National Association for the Education of Young Children at 800-424-2460 for more information about specific toys based on the children age groups.

It’s a good idea to have current safety and health placards available as well as emergency and poison control phone numbers available.

Creating a storage area for the belongings of each child under your care is a great idea. It can be as small as shoe box, or a cubby, cabinet, or tote. Add the child’s name to a label and stick it to the child’s storage area. This provides them with a feeling of security knowing their items are safe.

Setup a Home Office – You will want to devote a portion of your house to your home office. Your home office will be where you store your financial records, customer information, business documents and tax receipts.

Creating a filing system can be a life saver when it comes tax time or you need to quickly access a record. Always have your child care emergency information handy.

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Visit Daycare Authority for step-by-step information about how to start a daycare from home right now.

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