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Make Money as an Amazon Merchant

You can make money as an Amazon merchant and tap into the awesome selling power of the popular website by selling your own products, or promoting products found on the Amazon site. People often associate making money on Amazon with being an affiliate marketer, however it’s actually easier than you think to become an amazon merchant and sell your own merchandise.

To give you an idea of the profit potential, in 2008 in the US alone Amazon sold over $5.39 billion in products. Many past eBay sellers have moved on to selling on Amazon because of less hassles, fees, and effort.

Sell on Amazon Program

The Sell on Amazon program allows you to sell products and inventory from the website. The sell on Amazon program is different from the Amazon web store, which allows you to create and operate your own e-commerce website for selling products online. Both of these programs are managed from one account interface that’s called seller Central.

The sell on Amazon program works by first uploading your inventory to They’re your potential customers can see your products, and upon purchase, you ship them off. Amazon collects the payment and as soon as the customer receives the product Amazon sends you your payment.

Amazon Webstore

The web store by Amazon allows you to set up your own e-commerce website for selling products online. Your web store can be customized to give you the look you want. Your Amazon web store allows you to sell products in the following categories:

Apparel, Automotive, Baby, Beauty supplies, Camera and Photo, Cell Phones & Accessories, Gourmet, Grocery, Jewelry & Watches, Computers, Electronics, Health & Personal Care, Home and Garden, Musical Instruments, Office Products, Shoes & Accessories, Software, Sports and Outdoors, Tools & Hardware, and Video Games.

Becoming a Amazon merchant will give you the opportunity to get instant credibility to your web store, and be able to use Amazon’s credit card processing, fraud protection, and be able to build an unlimited amount of storefronts.

The great thing about creating an Amazon web store is allows you to choose from millions of Amazon products and earn commissions from each sale to your web store generates.

Amazon business can be an excellent way to start a money making business from home. For more information about making money as Amazon merchant check out the Amazing Amazon Domination course.

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  1. cindy wilkins's Gravatar cindy wilkins
    December 17, 2010 at 1:29 am | Permalink

    just interested in becoming an amazon merchant…what are the start up fees and how do i get started

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