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Home Daycare – Start a Child Care Business

Want to start a daycare of your own? Approximately 1/2 of the children in the United States today are taken care of by someone other than an immediate family for a part of each day. This means the demand for child care services is large, and can provide you with a way to supplement, or create a full-time income from home from this opportunity.

A lot of people interested in opening a daycare service think they need to have a daycare facility with a playground, full service kitchen, and tons of employees. This mindset couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact when starting out its a smart idea to start out small and grow your daycare business over time.

Why You Should Consider a Home Daycare Center

Starting a daycare from home means fewer expenses, flexible work hours, and much lower overhead costs.

Growing your daycare business slowly will allow you to avoid spending tons of money while starting out, and putting yourself in debt. By opening your child care business from home you can spend more time with your family, as well as save tons of money you would spend on the overhead of renting a building.

Using your own home you can use the existing playground equipment you may already have on the premises. In addition by focusing on providing for small groups of children, you can eliminate the expense of hiring employees.

Here are some of the primary factors to consider when starting a child daycare:

Analyze the Child Care Needs In Your Area

One of your most important tasks before doing anything is to determine the need for child care services in your area. If you live in a small rural area, finding clients may be difficult. So it’s important to check to make sure their will be a demand for your services.

To figure out if there is a demand its necessary to know what types of child care programs people need. Parents usually choose one of three types of child care facilities. These are home daycare, family care, or a day-care center. While starting out it’s recommended you start with a home daycare or family care to cut start-up costs. There are many types of child care programs available to parents in most populated areas. A specialty program may be advisable if you determine a specific need is not being met in your community.

Step By Step Information About Starting a Daycare Service

  1. Types of Daycare Programs
  2. How to Determine Local Child Care Needs
  3. Create a Daycare Plan
  4. Child Care Cost and Fees
  5. Daycare Names
  6. Child Care Legal Structure
  7. Open a Daycare
  8. Daycare Hours of Operation
  9. Child Care Regulations
  10. Daycare License
  11. Child Care Taxes
  12. Child Care Insurance for Daycare
  13. Child Care Safety
  14. Structure Your Daycare
  15. Child Care Activities
  16. Daycare Schedule
  17. Advertising Daycare

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  1. May 22, 2011 at 5:26 pm | Permalink

    This is a very good small business idea, you can start it with little or no money. This business is great for stay at home people. It is hard to do it part time because some parent might want their children to stay till evening when they close from work.

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