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Freelance Photography

Starting a freelance photography business can be an excellent way to make money from home if you have a passion for taking pictures. As a freelance photographer you can choose from a variety of ways to earn income. The great thing is you decide what schedule you’d like to work and what part of the photo industry you’d like to participate in.

Often freelancers take their hobby of photography and turn it into a full-time income. By taking pictures after work in their free time, or on the weekends they can begin to create a portfolio around the subjects that interest them. Many freelance photographers perform a wide variety of tasks such as taking pictures for the local newspaper, submitting images to stock photo websites, selling pictures to magazines, and even taking Pat or child portraits in their local areas.

Here is a list of some of the ways to make money from a freelance photography business:

Family Photography

  • Children photos
    • Pictures of kids sporting events
    • Arts events (dance/gym/recitals/art shows/drama)
    • Birthday party photographer
  • Elderly photos
    • Take pictures of older people for birthdays/anniversary
  • Pet photography

Business Photographer

  • Taking Head-shots
    • Visit business seminars to find clients
    • Visit common areas in hotels where seminars are located or offer seminar promoters a cut of %
  • Photo Restoration
  • Take Pictures for Websites
    • Offer to take pictures for travel site
    • National landmarks for tourism websites
    • Contact companies who will be at trade shows, conferences, events to take pics
    • Pictures for small business ads
  • Business directories
    • Solicit local businesses in your area for photo listings on your own directory site for a fixed, monthly or yearly price
    • Photograph store fronts for business publicity
  • Wedding photographer

Sell Stock Photography

  • How to sell pictures to stock photo sites
    • Stock photos websites
  • Sell physical pictures
  • Create custom products from images
  • Sell hard copy prints online
    • Print your own greeting cards or postcards
    • Make a theme calendar/ sell on Cafepress or Lulu

Classified Photography

  • Sell auction items on ebay. Take picture, list items, upload
  • Sell items for people on Craigslist
  • Take pictures for apartment listings

Real Estate Photographer

  • How to get started as a real estate photographer
    • Approach real estate services to create listings/ brochures / news ads/ displays
    • Offer a service to house renters and real estate agents to take photos of rental properties and  provide a record of the state of the residence before the renter moves in
    • Take digital panoramas for real estate virtual tours that can be created using a stitcher and viewer software
  • Create virtual tours

Security Photography

  • Create inventory service
    • Take pictures of valuables to protect insurance
  • Offer a service to security companies responsible for large events
    • Provide the company with virtual tours of the venue and security hotspots
    • Plan detailed security coverage

Photo Journalism

  • Take pictures of newsworthy events/ sell to news sites
  • Offer your services to regional papers to take photos of sports events on weekends or out-of-hours events
  • Partner with freelance journalist to take pictures to accompany stories
  • Pictures for high profile events – singers, speakers, festivals, new year celebrations, party

Publish Your Pictures Online

  • Run your own photoblog
  • Create online portfolio
  • Take pictures of products and do product reviews
  • Make money from Google Adsense
  • Generate leads for your business

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