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Daycare Hours of Operation

Determining your daycare hours of operation will be primarily based on your customers. The time you determined in your planning stages can give you great insight into the optimum time for you to provide care.

The majority of daycare centers in the U.S are open from ten to twelve hours a day. However, as mentioned before you can specialize in a particular type of care, and the type of service you provide will determine your work hours.

Taking care of children on a continuous basis can be rewarding, as well as an emotionally, and physically demanding job. While creating your work schedule make sure you leave adequate time for rest periods, lunch times, and bath room breaks.

If you plan on having employees than you will want to check with your federal labor laws to ensure you abide by the correct amount of breaks.

You will want to have the answers to several questions before you open the doors to your new child care service.

  • Will your hours of operation match the parents’ work schedule?
  • How will you handle late pickups?
  • What are the hours you can devote to your business?
  • Will you provide extended evening child care?

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