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Child Care Regulations

To provide child care services within the U.S you will need to meet state child care regulations to receive a license. Child care licensing is a requirement to ensure your center meets certain specifications and standard of care. The license is how your city, county, state, and federal government regulates standards and these requirements vary from state to state.

Having completed the daycare licensing requirement means your child care center meets the minimum standards for your area. Directors and instructors are expected to have a certain degree of education in child development. Depending on your area you may be required to take course work in psychology or education. Your state may require a certain amount of college credits in child development, as well as specialty courses like first aid, and CPR.

In addition you may be required to be fingerprinted and have a background check conducted and stored on file with the state human resources department. Licensing approval will depend on an inspection of your child care facilities, proper staff to child care ratio, equipment safety checks, and other criteria.

You daycare license will need to be renewed approximately every two years and in all cases there will be an annual fee. License guidelines are intended to help avoid incidence of injury from children who are poorly supervised. Children in daycare facilities must have a healthy, and safe environment and this is the goal of the licensing requirement.

To prevent these problems from arising, thereby ensuring that children in daycare facilities have a healthy, safe environment in which to grow and learn. A list of licensed day care facilities may be obtained from your local social services department.

Here’s a list of organizations that can help you determine child care regulations for your daycare:

  • National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care and Early Education Telephone: 1-800-598-KIDS
  • Healthy Kids, Healthy Care – Telephone: 1-800-598-5437
  • National Child Care Information Center – Telephone: (800) 616-2242
  • Early Education for Individual States’ Child Care License Regulations. Their contact telephone number is 1-800-598-KID
  • Administration for Children and Families (ACF) (For State Licensing information) Telephone: 1-800-424-2246
  • Website

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