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Starting an Amazon business from home can be a very lucrative business model. The Amazon website gets approximately 70,000,000 visitors a month.

This means there’s a massive amount of income potential for you, and the start-up costs can be very inexpensive.

There two ways to make money with an Amazon business and they are to make money as a merchant or as an affiliate marketer.

Make Money As An Amazon Merchant

The first is to become a merchant and sell products from the popular Amazon website. You do this by uploading your inventory to The Amazon website works for you to promote your products and when the customers makes a purchase Amazon collects the money. After you ship the product Amazon sends the money to you.

You can even create an Amazon Web store for your e-commerce business and have all of your orders processed through Amazon’s payment system. You don’t need a merchant account, hosting, or separate shopping cart to get started. Through your Amazon Web store you can access millions of customers who are pre-registered to check out, as well as earn extra revenue by promoting additional Amazon products.

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Make Money As An Amazon Affiliate

The second way to make money from an Amazon business is to operate as an affiliate. As an affiliate you promote products that are featured on the Amazon website and received a commission for each sale that is generated through your links.

Through the Amazon Associates program you can earn from 4% to 15% for each product sale generated through your promotional activity. You can set up a review type website based around a product niche and earn a great monthly income.

Click here to learn more about making money as an Amazon affiliate

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