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Making money is an Amazon affiliate can be an excellent way to start earning money online. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. Rather than creating a website and trying to promote every product under the sun, it’s a good idea to have a solid plan before you begin.

The main thing is that you focus on a specific niche market, rather than attempt to create a giant mall website. Since the majority of your website visitors will most likely come from the search engines, targeting a specific niche will give you the best opportunity to be seen.

That’s why I recommend targeting a specific market, or creating a website that revolves around solving a specific problem. For instance, if you enjoy mountain biking, the website around that subject might be a good idea. Rather than set up your website as a pure product review site, it’s a good idea to create informative content and from there link to products you recommend.

The main point is that you pick a market that has a big demand for information on the subject, and products that are currently selling on the Amazon website. Now mountain bike’s is especially a good choice because they range from the hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Rather than promoting inexpensive affiliate products, I always prefer to promote higher value products that earn substantially more income. That’s not to say you can’t make money from referring people to inexpensive products. However, you will need to generate substantially more website visitors and click-throughs to the Amazon site to make the same amount as you would from high value products since the commission you are paid depends on the value of the product.

Here are the steps you can use to start your own Amazon affiliate business online:

Find a Popular Market

I say find a popular market because I recommend going after a niche that has a variety of products and opportunities to market to them. You can visit the Amazon website and search by popularity to see what’s selling.

It’s a good idea to pick a topic that you like and know something about. Which I was running your own website you’re going to need content. Whether you write the content or you outsource and pay someone to do it for you is up to you. However, I find that being passionate about the topic helps keep you motivated and working toward your goals.

To really stand out you’re going to want to to select a market that is big enough but also provides you the opportunity to be unique. For instance, rather than creating a website dedicated to everything electronic. A better choice would be to select one of the smaller categories within electronics, such as cameras, car electronics, MP3 players, home audio, or televisions.

As previously mentioned another option is to focus your site around a problem people are having. An example of this could be anti-virus software, language learning programs, or mobility scooters. This type of site is good because it gives you the opportunity to create articles that talk about the problem and then link to product review pages that offers the solution.

Choose a Domain Name

Whenever I select a domain name for Amazon affiliate website I make sure that I include the main keyword I want to target within the website’s URL. An example of this is

I always try to get a .com domain name as I find those are the most professional looking. Many people like to use dashes within their domain name. However I prefer to try different variations including my keyword until I find that works. A good tool for quickly finding domain names to use is available at –

Register Your Domain Name

Once you’ve got the perfect domain name you’ll need to register it in order to make it your own. This means that you own the rights to that domain. I use host gator as my register and have been very happy with them. To register a domain name costs from $7-$10 a year.

Purchase Web Hosting

After you’ve registered your domain name, you will need to purchase Web hosting so that your website can go live on the Internet. Web hosting is usually a monthly fee, and provides a place to upload your web files so people can view them. You can purchase decent web hosting on a monthly basis for around five bucks a month.

Create an Affiliate Website

If you want to promote Amazon products you’ll need a website. This can be the standard HTML type website, or a blog platform. I prefer using the free WordPress blog platform to create my Amazon affiliate websites.

The WordPress blog platform is a CMS, which stands for content management system. It comes with everything you need to create the structure of your website. The great thing about WordPress is there is an amazing amount of free customization available to give your site the look you want. In addition WordPress sites can be easily optimized so they show up in the search engines.

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